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🇬🇧[Eng] Ever wondered if there are aliens somewhere in the galaxy, or perhaps even amongst us? I wonder too, but not too often as I’m not eager to meet them... what would be the first thing you’d tell an alien ?

🇭🇰[Can] 唔知大家會唔會諗呢個銀河系入面某個地方,甚至喺我哋當中會有外星人存在?我都會有呢個疑惑,不過我唔急住見佢哋… 如果你哋有機會見到外星人,第一件會同佢哋講嘅嘢係咩呢?
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🇭🇰[Can] 會飛返屋企2個星期。 由於今年有好大嘅精神壓力,所以我決定需要一個充分嘅休息為自己充電,咁即係唔會做任何嘢! 一啲都唔做! 由於社交媒體都係我工作嘅一部分,所以我決定呢2個星期都唔出聲! 希望你哋唔好忘記我 🙁

🇬🇧[Eng] Off to fly back home for 2 weeks. Since this year has been particularly rough and tough on my mental health I decided to fully rest and recharge , which means no work ! At all! Social media is a part of my job , so prepare for 2 weeks of silence on my side! Hope you guys don’t forget me 🙁

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我最近DATE咗(曾經)好靚嘅 Hailey Chan! 我話佢塊面好dry唔夠glowy 差d 比佢打….到底係我定係Hailey 皮膚好d?大家睇下就知啦! Recently went on an #IPSADATE with the one and only Hailey Chan! She got slightly violent after hearing my opinions about her skin being dry and dull ... so who’s skin do you think will turn out to be better ? Let’s check out the results together !

Centraline Club

好開心可以第一次參與到微電影演出! 期望之後可以有更多機會參演唔同角色、繼續努力! 希望大家可以多多支持!! So excited to participate in a “short film” for the first time! Hope that i get an opportunity to participate in many more and try myself in different characters as well as improve the acting! Hope you enjoy the video! !


完全係 難!以!置!信! 好多模特兒都夢想喺Casting時可以俾好似Coach呢種時裝名牌揀中!當我知道Coach對我有興趣嘅時候,我真係發夢都無諗過!!我好開心可以向住自己目標進發! 非常感謝Coach 亞洲地區團隊俾我呢個難忘嘅經歷! 希望大家都鍾意以下落嚟2分鐘,我對最新COACH X Keith Haring 嘅演繹! #CoachNY #CoachHK I can’t believe this!!! It’s every models dream to be casted for an iconic brand like coach , but to be approached by coach themselves , is totally another level that I have been dreaming of for so long! It’s a step in…


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